Who we are

Quick collect mission is to help you save on transfer fees and give the best exchange rates!

We know you have dreams and you are working towards making those dreams come true.

At QUICK COLLECT, We want to be a part of your dream! Whatever the reasons for your money transfer, we understand how important it is to you.

“Whether it is building your home, sending your children to the best schools, or keeping your family in good health “Quick collect offers you a convenient way to send money back home. So we treat your transfer like it’s the only thing that matters to us.

Quick Collect also helps international students in Canada receive upkeep money as well as pay their tuition fees at a competitive exchange rate.

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Send money right away!
Send money from Canada to Nigeria, Safe, Secured and Quick.
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Send money from Canada to Nigeria Safe, Secure and Quick.
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Head office Address
3080 Yonge Street
Suite 6060
Toronto, Ontario
M4N 3N1 Canada
Quick Collect 3080 YONGE STREET SUITE 6060 TORONTO, ON, CANADA M4N3N1, Canada.
As a money services business operating under the category of transfer of funds, Quick collect is a registered money service business
with FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) Registration Number: M20573040