Our aim is to continually innovate and improve the service offering to our clients and to be the lowest costing money transfer and remittance provider in every market in which we operate offering the cheapest way to send money based on our 'Best Price Guarantee'

Providing the best of everything: free transfers, best rates, and zero commissions.

Quick Collect offers a high level of professional service, advanced technology, and the best price to the market.

We offer our clients the very best of everything ensuring our Best Price Guarantee:

Almost everyone is from somewhere else one way or another. We all have ties to different places, leaving footprints of love and assets of affection.

 No matter where we go, those relationships are never lost but today's’ money transfer services certainly don’t make it easy to stay connected.

While there is a lot of choice for sending funds, using the service is not always easy and for some currencies, the fees are unnecessarily high. And if you want to do more than sending money like sending favor’s, gifts, and gestures instead, there aren’t many ways to do that.

We understand that life because we live it every day. That’s why we’re changing the way money transfers work, creating a better experience for everyone around the world.

Sending money across borders shouldn’t cost a fortune. And if you want to do something even more meaningful, like pay for someone’s bills or daily necessities, you can do that right from our platform.

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Send money right away!
Send money from Canada to Nigeria, Safe, Secured and Quick.
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Send money from Canada to Nigeria Safe, Secure and Quick.
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Quick Collect 3080 YONGE STREET SUITE 6060 TORONTO, ON, CANADA M4N3N1, Canada.
As a money services business operating under the category of transfer of funds, Quick collect is a registered money service business
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